3 Fevrier 2010



Every Mercredi after 17h, entrance at the Maison Europeene de la Photographe is gratuit. Today is Wednesday so I got in for free, yihee!  The photographs on exhibit are works from Elliott Erwitt, Philippe Bordas, Sarah Moon and Luc Choquer.





I really loved the images on display… the images were very strong and the layout of the space was well done, the  whole show was very impressive. I particularly enjoyed the images by Elliott Erwitt…






I find his images funny and classic!


Including over 130 photographs including some rarely seen original prints, this exhibition retraces Elliott Erwitt’s 60-year career via a selection of his own favourites. A photographer since 1948 and a member of Magnum Photos since 1953, he is a sharp, sometimes mischievous observer of everyday life; among his favourite subjects are children, dogs, beaches, politics and celebrities. A witness to the major events of the 20th century, this master of the instant is also a tireless wit, a subtle and poetic humourist whose work combines satire and melancholy. Elliott Erwitt has also made documentary films…




(all Elliott Erwitt images were taken from the Net)


And it turned out Mr. Elliott Erwitt himself is here!!!!!!!

I couldn’t bring meself to approach him…. I sat down next to the space near him trying to find confidence to talk to him. He did smile at me but I needed to buy some images of his works first. His book was out of my budget so I bought some postcards instead ;p



Finally he stood up and was about to leave, I took this as a sign to move my arse. It’s now or never! Can’t go home not meeting him… “Can I have your autograph please?”  He signed my postcard and said “I’m going home now.” Hahahaha



Went outside smiling while clutching the signed postcard in my hand… Hahahaha, I MET ELLIOTT ERWITT!!!!


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