Wassup Wicked London! ! !




It was my first time to watch a Musical abroad and I tell you it was a Wicked West End experience! Reminds me of my Metropolitan theater days. Ahhh those were the days… Our director used to tell us that as theater actors/actresses, we should always have that stage presence wherever we go. We must always have our presence felt when inside a room, a space, in a crowd…

The world is our stage 😀 BOW!!!


We were seated very near the stage but more on the side so we didn’t really have the wide perspective of the whole set, but it was nice to see the actors up close (with matching talsik-laway ;p) We enjoyed the second act more, maybe because we were able to transfer seats and got a better view of everything. The set and costume design were splendid, the cast gave a bloody mahvelous performance, I must say I enjoyed it immensely (sabay sip ng tea with the pinky ;p)



I wish I had more time to see another musical, I would’ve loved to see Billy Elliot… but the night is still young so off we went to another show, a different kind of performance, a lot more wicked this time ;p


the cast of FULL MONTY ;p


I wish I can post more photos mais c’est ne pas possible mes amis, I leave the rest to your imagination ;p It was my first time to see this kind of flesh parade,  the event was called Porn Idol!!!! hahahahaha 😀 These blokes were just volunteers from the crowd in the club and each of them had to go full monty on stage. They have to win us over and the votes of the 3 judges (ala american idol ;p) bwahahahaha!!!! Kris promised a last night to remember and it surely was! No bollocks!





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