Been there, done that


28 Janvier 2010


Traditional english breakfast - ALL FRY UP


In a way, this is similar to Philippines’  –silogs (short cut for SInangang and itLOG which means fried rice and egg), I mean having fried stuff for breakfast (fried tapa/fish, fried egg with fried rice), filling but very unhealthy, hehehe. This All fry up breakfast wasn’t really special but it was a good way to jumpstart our day ;p




Beatles fan or not, when in London you just have to cross the Abbey road!



and this is where I just went lady gaga!  hahahaha 😀 



Camden Market is gritty, wild and funky!


this photo made it to the LONDON SCHMAP TRAVEL GUIDE


I wanted to buy everything 😀 there were a lot of punk and gothic stuff, vintage clothings, food from around the world, and just about anything and everything else. Visual Overload 😀 LAVETT!!!




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