27 Janvier 2010


London weather is as infamous as it’s falling bridge ;p Weather here is always dull and grey but that didn’t stop us from doing the tourist rounds ;p Off to see Contemporary Art at Tate Modern!


millenium bridge
installation art
andy warhol's marilyn monroes
tribute show for the Anime Ghost in a Shell
ukay in the u.k.

Picture taking wasn’t allowed but I managed to take these shots inside the gallery. It’s cool that you can get inside the big museums here for free!!!! In Paris, it’s only free during the first Sunday of the month and the famous musees like the Louvre and Orsay would almost always have super long queues.

As usual, I went crazy inside the museum shop and got meself knick knacks for this collage that I’m working on.  Last night at the National Gallery’s museum shop, I couldn’t help myself and bought this very expensive pop-up book for A, well it’s actually for us, hehehe. It cost me like 15-20 pounds I think but I just found it too cute, couldn’t go home without it.




We even rode the old fashioned double decker bus with a conductor and the entrance at the back,Old school Classic! Friends said we were lucky because there are only very few left of its kind 😀 It was a nice scenic ride around London, of course us tourists headed straight to the top, hahaha 😀 There are double decker buses in Paris but only for sightseeing tours, here it’s a regular public transportation, Wicked!




Met up with a friend of a friend at Chinatown where we had the best duck in town



Zharina (the friend of a friend who works for Reuters London) recommended the duck but warned us about the bad service… The place was full, the server was scary and they prefer that customers eat and run. No long chitchats here, as soon as you’re done, they would serve you the bill. But despite that, the food was good 🙂

So happy tummies!


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