hanging out with the japanese


21 Janvier 2010

After our Japanese lunch, Naomi and I went with Megumi to attend a vernissage in the area…




It was an exposition related to horses. Downstairs was a bookshop selling anything and everything on you guess it, horses! At the exhibition, there was an artist selling cd’s of horse music (hmmm… intriguing) and a lady selling bags and wallets with horse embroidery.



i met these japanese flight stewardess and a fashion designer

On our way back to Cité des Arts we started getting big boxes along the street for Megumi’s sculptures. Her Artist Residency will end soon so she needed boxes for some maderpacking ;p We also saw coffee machines and microwave ovens on the street, hahaha, but we got too much on our hands already. I helped bring back the boxes to Megumi’s atelier and discovered her kawaii characters.

watercolored characters
she also makes stamps like this

I love the different characters that she’s created, it’s all so funny and crazy!

J’aime beaucoup!





I just love visiting different ateliers… how each artist transforms the space into their universe.

art appreciation even in the toilet
carton characters


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