A slice of Japan in paris


21 Janvier 2010

Was transported to Japan for a late lunch in Kanna’s atelier… Shot a scene with them for a video installation that I’m working on, it was so much fun!!!!! I met other Japanese artists and ate Oishi Okonomiyaki (japanese pancakes) with bacon, kimchi and shrimps. Okonomi means what you like, I like mine with everything ;p Miam Miam

okonomiyaki – japanese flour, cabbage, lardons
topped with okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise and dried fish flakes

For dessert,  we had this Japanese dessert made of red beans and glutinous rice and French galette des rois (a traditional french dessert to celebrate the 3 Kings). There’s a special way to eat this galette, the youngest in the group has to go under the table and direct which slice goes to whom. Inside the slice is a small ceramic thingymajig and whoever bites into it gets the crown. Halukatdat, I am the Queen!!!!

japanese dessert and french galette des rois

this thingy makes me the queen

makiko (pianist), megumi (sculptor), kanna (painter)

Food is really a good reason to have a get-together and meet other people. We exchanged stories about our culture, art and food. I told them that we Filipinos eat 6x a day, we talk about what we’re gonna eat for dinner even if we’re just eating lunch . I told them how I ate like a sumo wrestler in Japan. Satoshi said that it’s funny how I notice things like their bento boxes and their delicious rice because it’s something that they are so used to eating that they don’t think of it like that.

naomi (former web designer) and satoshi (illustrator)

I love listening to them speak in Japanese, I felt like I was in a Japanese movie or in an Anime.

A slice of Japan here in Paris. Sugoi!



4 thoughts on “A slice of Japan in paris

    1. Exactement!

      Some of the Japanese artist in the photo went back home already but some I still get to hang out with here 🙂 sugoi!!!

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