There’s no stopping now


20 Janvier 2010


metro billboard

my photos on the floor

Feeling sick and down with the news… had to hurry back to my atelier to meet up with a curator. Feeling what I’m feeling now, I dunno if I made a good impression. I dunno if I was rambling or if I said too much personal stuff but I did say that the themes of my artworks are always very personal. I dunno if I’m a brilliant or deep artist that can blow people away. I dunno if I was unforgettable… I felt kinda heavy and down after an earlier meeting and it has carried over to this important meeting with the curator. I thought my inner passionate self would shine but I dunno, I dunno after our conversation…

My friend reminded me that nothing and nobody can stop me from crossing my bridge. I have gotten this far, there’s no stopping now…


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