Home away from home


17 Janvier 2010


On the last day of our ease-out (from the cleansing diet), I rediscovered the joy of chewing and eating through the good ol’ comfort food – ginisang monggo. Found the necessary ingredients for the dish and bought other vegetables and seafood at the Asian Supermarket. Gotta start eating right and healthy from now on ;p Sayang naman ang effort!



stewed mung beans and red rice


It felt so good to cook again 🙂 Chopping and sauteéing  is just so therapeutic. I let the beans boil on low fire for 45 minutes, I like the texture to be a bit thick 😀  Smelling, tasting and finally chewing is such a joy after not eating anything for sooooo long. It really was worth the wait…

It was my first time to cook this dish and A’s first time to try it, it was actually good. Pas mal! Would’ve wanted some smoked fish with it but the shrimps were good enough. Haaaay, it tasted like home 🙂




I found a small package on my mailbox when I got back to Cité. 

A surprise that came all the way from Philippines!!!!




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