All is well that ends well


15 Janvier 2010 


Today is Reception Amicale at Cité, this is the time to meet other artists staying here. Artists of different disciplines from all over the world… Tadah!!! 




The place was packed when I arrived. There were quiche and galette served but I still couldn’t eat because I’m easing out after 10 days of not eating. Today it’s just 3 liters of orange juice, c’est tout!  




Had a nice time chatting with different artists. I also finally got to meet Cité’s Director Monsieur Peyroles! “Wow, so you are the artist from the Philippines!  There are a lot of artists here from different countries but there’s only you from the Philippines so welcome.” AruruMerci!!! 🙂 



Serge Gainsbourg (image from the Net)




Serge Gainsbourg (father of Charlotte Gainsbourg), a famous French Artist/Musician who lived in an atelier at Cité des Arts from 1966-1967.  Halukatdat!!! 


A movie about him entitled Gainsbourg (Vie Héroique) is being shown on cinemas now.  


There was a scene that was shot at Cité where Bridget Bardot (played by Laetitita Casta) paid Serge a visit. A Must-see movie!!!! 








Left with Mithi to meet up with Xavier… I am praying that they get to fix Mithi or retrieve my files. 


they looked like doctors operating on mithi


mithi's laman-loob


screw you


 I hope everything’s going to be alright. Can’t bear to lose Mithi now 😦 






To lighten up the mood, A and I decided to go to an improvisational theater show with Anna. She attends this improv classes and told us about this group called The Improfessionals. 





For this evening, they have the Impro a la carte in English!  The audience gets to pick scenes and theme challenges from the special menu and the actors will improvise onstage. So no scripts to follow, just quick-thinking, good acting and comedic timing… 





Somebody from the audience ordered First dates from the menu. 

A and I were called onstage to talk about our first date/first meeting then the improv actors had to reenact it onstage. We had to press the buzzer if what they were doing is correct and blow the horn if it’s wrong. It was weird and hilarious to reveal something personal and to see it reenacted onstage! But we were game and we truly had fun, the actors and the audience did too! So all is well that ends well, harharhar 😀


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