bon voyage!!!


13-14 Janvier 2010


CLEANSING DAY 9: I’m sure when I start eating again all the flavors will just explode in my mouth like what the rat experienced in the animated film Ratatouille 🙂 It will be like eating for the first time. 9 days without food is difficult but I’m learning a lot in the process. Heck, so what’s one more day!!!


CLEANSING DAY 10  is finally over. Lost some pounds and gained new knowledge, naks ;p about me, about my body, about food, about consumption… Lavyah A for doing the cleansing with me 😀 Now easing out…


The sun is out so I thought of going outside for a walk. My feet brought me to Village St. Paul and then to my favorite shop where I bought some knick knacks…





Walked a bit further, somewhere near Bastille and discovered another shop which is now on my top favorites! 😀


at the entrance
letters for sale
create-your-own-fragrance station


This place got everything!!!! (Para lang SM, hahahahaha, they’ve got it all for you!) It has a flower shop, a cafe, bookshop, a station where you can create your own scent (how cool is that!) They also sell clothes, accessories, knick knacks, kitchen stuff and all that jazzzzz…. I could live here 😀 hahahahaha… It was a bit pricey but good thing there were stuff on sale so I got meself some plates, yep plates!


Walked back to my atelier and got lost. Wanted to always discover new ways and new routes to come home so getting lost is just a part of it, hehe. But my bag was getting heavy with the stuff that I bought so I was trés fatigué when I got back to Cité… Well, okay not really because I managed to check out the new exposition of some Turkish artists at the Cite des Arts Gallery 🙂






I got this idea of coming home in different ways from another good friend. He shared that to me when he brought me home via different route bien sur. One time  he told me to take the long ride to his space, long but scenic which I will enjoy he said. I did and I’m still following his advice up to now 🙂 It truly makes the trip far more interesting.

The journey to the 10th day of cleansing was also enlightening. It was all documented and will be part of a new exhibit that I’m still working on. I’m very excited as to how it will all come together 🙂

To borrow the line from my past exhibit HOME IS WHERE THE ART IS— It’s all about the journey, getting lost, fitting in, falling in love and finding home 😀  So, just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Bon Voyage!!!!


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