Good things happen to those who wait


12 Janvier 2010


CLEANSING DAY 8:  I’ve been drinking less, I’m kinda sick of the taste now. I just finished 1 bottle today. Can’t wait to taste something else…


Had my friend Mawj (who just recently got engaged, woot woot!) over in my atelier,

the first yakker to set foot on my sacred space ;p 



Caught the second part of the concert at the Cite des Arts auditorium, it was a string quartet from France and they were late. They slowly went up the stage and the audience started clapping like finally they are here. They started setting up and then left again, the audience clapped sarcastically like bravo, that was a good performance. Finalement, they were back on stage and this time they were ready…


 Wow! Talk about making a grand entrance, these ladies know how to rock their strings. They were superb!!! They were not only cool to listen to but they were also cool to watch. I mean yeah they were pretty but to see them play their instruments with so much passion was just intense. Their facial expressions and their body movements… I feel them, I feel their music… We all did. C’etait genial!


With the last note still ringing in the air, the audience gave them a huge round of applause, and not out of sarcasm this time. I looked around and I’ve never seen the place this packed. We just kept on clapping and clapping and they had to come back several times on the stage to take a bow. 


 Never mind the delay at the start, good things happen to those who wait 🙂



Saw A’s commercials on the tele, Astig!!!!! C’etait cool!!!!!

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