Cleansing time


9-11 Janvier 2010


CLEANSING DAY 5: Brrrrrrr, icicle hands and toes 😀 I feeeel cold! Need to download soon XD I can hear A explaining to friends and his father about our cleansing… We just need to move another New Year dinner with the famille… Good Food would just have to wait…

This is my day with A. We went to the supermarché together to buy more ingredients for our drink. It helps that we’re in this together… A’s father called inviting us for dinner then he founds out about our cleansing. He said it’s a bad idea and that he was eating meat, cheese, chocolate and drinking champagne right this minute, hahahaha 😀

me on the couch, A on the phone

DAY 6: I miss the different taste and texture in my mouth. Miss cooking for A and moi. I miss chewing. I miss eating… But I’m loving the effects and benefits of this cleansing… I feel good! 😀 Looked at myself in the mirror and liked what I saw 🙂  Hehehehe, no one else can love yourself like you do ;p


DAY 7: DETACHMENT…. I can now look, smell and talk about food without being affected by it. Lets drink to that!!!

This is sorta like a ritual for me now – squeeze lemons, measure water, add syrup then cayenne. My favorite part is licking the spoon after the syrup ;p Shake then gulp. That’s breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Decided to fix my atelier to divert my attention ;p





I made it this far, there’s no stopping now!!!






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