Control, Control, I’M IN CONTROL…


8 Janvier 2010 


CLEANSING DAY 4: everything seems possible now. I feel I have  good self-control. I’m kinda proud of meself 🙂 




Last night, it took some time again before I met up with morpheus in dreamland… 

Lying wide awake in bed, ideas started pouring in. Finally got that pen and paper to write down stuff.  A good friend told me that this tossing and turning is good ‘coz its shaking up a lot of ideas in my head and waking up my inner-dwende ;p 


inside my fridge





Decided to visit Kanna in her atelier and had another interesting exchange… 




 Her current paintings now are focused on Paris’ famous sites but capturing more the everyday life. 



works in progress


I asked her how has her works evolved since she first came here at Cité. I remember in our last conversation she said that she needed to extend her artist residency because 1 year is just for practice and she needs another more year to evolve and develop. It’s difficult to explain, she said, but the colors of my paintings has changed a bit, there are more people present in my works now… 




She finished the 17 point of views of the Eiffel tower in a span of 6 months. It was shown at the gallery of Cite des Arts last year… 



points of view - parts of paris that she painted


Our conversation then shifted to my drink, my cleansing and then of course FoOd… 


my drink and her snacks


I was in Japan for a shoot for our documentary program called I-Witness. It was my first time and I loved it!!! Gained new knowledge and gained weight, hahahaha. I’ve been eating like a sumo wrestler there. And the bento boxes were just like works of art. I loved the variety of color, taste and texture of Japanese food. Happiness in a bento box!!! Aaaaaaah FOOD!!!!! Kanna said she will cook some Japanese food for me after my cleansing, gulped down my lemonade in response. Waaaaaa…nna E A T N O W ! ! ! HAI! 





(Consumed in my recent Japan trip) 




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