What dreams may come

7 Janvier 2010


CLEANSING DAY 3: Suriviving… ran out of ingredients and was feeling weak. Had to go to the supermarché again. I just want to hit everyone who was eating… titirahin ka talaga sa pang-amoy eh. So day 3 – Gudlakkers!!!!


Woke up late and found out that we didn’t have enough ingredients to make my drink. At the supermarché, I saw a plate of food freebies, was tempted to try it but took control and headed straight to the aisle with the ingredients. Saw people eating on my way out, I felt mad and angry. Everything just smells so good. It’s really hard to be here in France, a country known for bonne cuisine, and to be doing this. It’s mad I know…


I am feeling very cold, “A” said I feel it all the more because I don’t have food on my tummy to keep me warm. He finally decided to join me on this cleansing. It’s better to suffer together, hahahaha. I miss cooking for us, I miss eating what I love. Can’t wait for this to be over…


In the evening, I met up with A’s dad to attend the vernissage of Sacha and Nina Raykoff’s exhibit entitled PéRéGRINATION ASIATIQUE . I met the husband and wife during a private concerto in their home. It was a lovely little night of music.


The works were huge and interesting. I liked the textures and the use of symbolisms, but what made me appreciate it more was when I discovered their soulful collaboration.


Nina said they dream together… every morning they talk about their dream/visions which is then translated into paintings. She said their dreams and souls are intertwined…


I walked back to my atelier floating, thinking, smiling, sleeping then dreaming…




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