CLEANSING DAY 2: I say bring it on!

6 Janvier 2010


It was hard to get some shut-eye last night, I had so many ideas in my head. I wanted to write it down but it was too cold to leave the comforts of my blanket so I just had to save it on my mobile phone ;p Note to self: Put a notepad and pen near my bed 🙂




I decided not to open the tv or radio and just sat down and listened. So this is what the room tone of my atelier sounds like. For a while there it was just me and my space. In silence, I hear… Then the ritual begins, I opened my journal and started writing…  Hearing the sound of my pen moving across the paper was comforting. Maybe this is why I love having journals and notepads around. I like writing down anything and everything.




I heard my tummy speak… ” It’s time to eat.”

The meal –  2 liters of water with lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.




 Thinking, reading, writing about  food affects the senses. I can visualize it, I can almost taste it…

I feel the liquid moving down my throat as I drink my lemonade. The cayenne pepper stings. The taste is not bad, keribels. One down, one more liter to go. 2 cleansing days over, 8 more days to gulp… I say, bring it on!







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