First times

5 Janvier 2010



It was my first time to sleep in my atelier. What I normally do was come here everyday to play and go home to be with my A. But now I need more time and my own space to just focus… I want to experience living and sleeping with my art 🙂 I’ve never really had my own space to just create. My creative space is everywhere;  it can be my father’s studio, my sister’s living room, my friend’s kitchen or A’s couch. But  now I have my atelier here in Paris and I realized how important it is to have one’s own space to just be…


Woke up with my first snow from my atelier. I was just sooo happy and giddy to see these white fairies outside my window. What a magical day to wake up to. I decided to go out and shoot. It’s been by far the most fruitful day I’ve had :p




Today is also the first day of the cleansing and I survived it. I guess it also helps to be in your own space and not be surrounded by food. I’ve never done this in my life, I always, always have food in my mind, even now… My world revolves around food. The leitmotif of this blog was about food. It is my joy and comfort.  So this cleansing is truly a big sacrifice, for my health and for my Art. Yep yep, this is an artistic research, part of a concept I have about Consumption…


CLEANSING DAY 1: had a whiff of freshly baked goodies from a boulangerie… Control, control, I am in control…

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