31 Decembre 2009 / 1 Janvier 2010

I have this ritual every New Year of re-reading past journal entries to look back and then move on…




 “Living in a parallel universe is like having the best of both worlds but sometimes I wish we could just be together, anywhere and everywhere.”




 “I am at my happiest when I’m with you.”




“People who are meant to be together should be together.”



A dream we dream together is reality



BONNE ANNéE ! ! ! 

 Looking forward to having  more New Years with you 😀




30 minutes before New Year’s Eve, Mithi (my mac laptop) gave it’s last breath… He just hanged himself 😦 I thought it was still possible to resuscitate him but it’s kaput. I hope he is in Mac heaven now…


(2005 – 2009)

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