ART talks…

28 Decembre 2010 



It was a long queue in the biting cold but Centre Pompidou, I will always love you!!! 



Discovered Soulages black strokes, Jim Hodges DIY feel artworks and Surrealism’s birth. Shocks, nagphophotomontage at photogram na sila noong unang panahon pa, ang tindi!!! 


According to A, we were waiting in line for almost an hour and he was getting a wee bit tired and irritated. I think I can always find ways to kill time. I can easily escape  in my head or find something interesting to do…   


I write down my thoughts on paper or save it on my phone whenever I see interesting works, here are my notes… 

image from the Net


 known as the Painter of Black. His color palette/style was called Out Renoir or Beyond Black… 

“The Black took over the whole surface of the canvas.” 

image from the Net

It is all about big black brush strokes, textures and reflection of light. You can see the brush strokes like you can see him painting it. I begin to imagine where each stroke ends and begins… The trace and remnant of a movement. 

NOTE TO SELF: just let go, go with the flow. Feel it, tear it, discover where it wants you to go, explore where your art wants to take you… 


“Surrealism is absolute freedom of the imagination.” 

 From a photo collage: “Faces covered and removed, her body now reduced to a generic erotic madness.” Grabe, there were already photo montages in 1925!!! 


image from the Net

I like this title: Ceci est la couleur de mes reves by Joan Miro 

(This is the color of my dreams) 


photomontage by Salvador Dali taken from the Net

I saw works by Salvador Dali (images of erotic faces. photomontage in the shape of an ear), Man Ray and other artists who started all these contemporary artworks way way back… Whatever we see now in the contemporary and modern art scene, it all came from these… Bow talaga ako! It’s like, nothing now is original, it is all just a re-interpretation of the past… 



It was only this part of the museum that we were allowed to take photos. I like the DIY feel, the simplicity and rawness of Jim Hodges’ works 🙂 


artwork using Saliva and Ink
artwork using Saliva and Ink
scribbles on paper napkins





Got out of Centre Pompidou at around 9 in the evening. We were inside for 5 hours I think. I need a whole day to really soak everything in. “A” said the works were more quantity over quality. There were some good pieces but a lot of it were crap too, he said. For me, I remember the good ones that inspired or moved me or pieces that made me think. It was nice to see the beginnings of what we may know now as Contemporary Art. But yah then you realize that until now there’s really nothing new, everything is just repeated and recycled… But I guess Art has evolved somehow, we will always use the past as a reference. We need the past to move forward…




(all photos shot by me unless stated otherwise)


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