joyeux noel!!!

xmas trees for sale
xmas trees for sale

I stopped spending Christmas a long long time ago. My last home-cooked noche buena was when I was but a small girl, hehehe. I mean really… I would sometimes go to Banaue, Baguio or Sagada and welcome the New Year on my own.  I have this ritual of re-reading all my journal entries of that year, it’s sacred time for me…

L of Death Note
the devil from Futurama
totoro and ultraman
towelie of South Park

But this time I am not alone, I am spending my first Christmas holydaze here in Paris with my A and our first REAL christmas tree (which I decorated with A’s toys, my earrings and plastic dinosaurs, aylavettt!) . Halukatdat! Had a nice intimate celebration witn A’s parents and had a hearty organic meal. My contribution for the noche buena – lumpiang gulay and tortang talong and for dessert, strawberries with balsamic vinegar on vanilla ice cream.

A nice and fun musical night with my French Family 😀 Good champagne and wine, great food, cool jamming, lovely gifts, philosophical conversations (essence vs existence) and wonderful company.

Joyeaux Noel tout le monde!!!

my first ever real xmas tree 🙂

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