heaven on earth

Drove around Paris with A and  phoenix (A’s  black Twingo)…  Saw the Obelisk, Arc de Triomphe and of course the Eiffel tower.  Ahhh Paree you are such a beauty! Je t’aime a la folie

I dunno if I’ve mentioned here that it’s been my longtime dream to come to Paris. I was supposed to come here after our World Youth Day coverage in Italy long long time ago, we even had a hotel reservation. Kaso ang daming Pinoy na nag tnt noong mga panahon na iyon so yung iba nadamay na at kinailangan na ring umalis at umuwi sa kani-kanilang bansa. Luckily, we were able to extend a few more days and went to Venice instead.

Hayy Venice, kakaibang langit din ito.  I consider Paris, Venice and Batanes to be my heavens on earth… And when I die, I want 3 loved-ones to scatter my ashes in these heavens. But first the ceremony, jamming and ritual would take place in my favorite cemetery in Sagada then the scattering of my ashes… naks!

Ok back to the main story now, so my second opportunity to come to Paris was for another shoot. I have my concept and outfits ready when I encountered some problems with my boss. I tried to defend meself but in the end she gave the opportunity to another colleague.  I was devastated…

It was almost 4 years ago when I finally put things into my hands and made my dream come true. I saved enough money to go to Europe for a month as a birthday gift to myself.  It was the best feeling…  I went to Paris,  fell in love with the place and with A.  Sigh…

And now here I am, driving around Paris with my cosmic beloved… Singing “heaven, I’m in heaven…”


(photos shot from a moving vehicle)


2 thoughts on “heaven on earth

  1. yeah girl yeah! aruruteynkyu always for taking the time to comment on my entries. i think you are my only reader, hehehe 😀 pero kahit hindi pa ako abo, we can still go to paris and batanes, comeown!!!

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