O Lynchian Night

22 Decembre 2009

Being back at Cite des Arts also meant getting to watch different kinds of concerts in our auditorium for free. This month you can have an Opera singer from Russia and then the next month you have an extended vocal technique performance artist from Asia…

tonight it’s an experimental electronic sound collaboration from two Finnish Artist…

The sound coming from their gadgets are other-worldly… There are no exact melodic rhythms nor patterns to follow, it’s more like listening to a jamming of sorts.  I felt like the sound needed visuals, it was like listening to a musical scoring for a weird twisted film. “A” said its kinda like David Lynch’ style…

David Lynch made Mulholland drive, Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks… His films are somewhat surreal with meticulous sound design. He has a distinctive and unorthodox approach to filmmaking which was called Lynchian.

To use the Sound Performance as a scoring, I decided to look at the images in my camera… It got more interesting for me as it was like creating an impromptu story.

After the performance we all went to the stage to take a closer look at their instruments…

I tell you, there’s never a dull moment here at the Cite…

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