second chance

16 Decembre 2009



I went to the reception amicale today but didn’t stay long… I talked to Kanna and another Japanese named Naomi (wife of a children’s book illustrator), Ebba (Swedish) who was my classmate in French class last April then I also met Matt, a Swedish sculptor who has 1 more week at Cite. I asked him if he was able to make Art during his 2-month stay, he said he knows the time that he has so he was able to accomplish what needs to be done. I still have 2  1/2 more months to stay and I am planning to do 2 concepts using food and jeepneys. 


What would you do if you were given a second chance?


I was lucky enough to be invited again by the Mairie de Paris to develop and work on my Art. This time I want to just let go, let loose and get crazy. I need to experience everything… This time I want to visit more galleries, explore the place and the space more, to learn from other artists, to be inspired, to collaborate, to develop and evolve. I know 3 months is truly not enough to achieve these but I need to make the most out of it ;p 



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