DAY 54: a different perspective

24 MAI 2009

I met Kanna in my French class at the Cite. I invited her to my exhibit and she came. I invited her to the Lao Restaurant yesterday and she came… but I didn’t know. I just received an email after our Lao dinner saying that she was waiting outside the building. I felt really bad so I invited her again today at A’s apartment to hang out. We went to the rooftop to show her another point of view of the Eiffel tower.



Kanna Magosaki is a painter and she’s staying at Cite des Arts for 1 year. One of her projects in Paris is to paint the Eiffel Tower in different perspectives…



Concretely I will draw the Eiffel Tower, which is a symbol of Paris, from the various spots in the city, and I will try to represent it and the life of people living there from different points of view.  This technique is based on “The Thirty-six Views of Mt.Fuji” of Hokusai.  In this way, I will consider how I can convert the composition of the ukiyoe print into European painting.

(from her website:



Kanna said “Whenever I travel (around the world) I see Japan.” I agree!!! For us, we bring our Pinoy-ness wherever we go… we discover ourselves more. Ika nga ng titser ni agay: Kailangang umalis para makabalik… We need to leave to live…



Kanna’s stay at the Cite is almost over but she would like to extend one more year. She said 1 year is only for practice and that she would need another more year to develop (her technique). WoW, I wish I can do the same thing. I wish I also have that kind of time to develop and let my art evolve… My 2 month artist residency is over soon but I know how lucky and blessed we are to have this time and opportunity to do something we love, something we believe in and something we are passionate about. Aruruteynkyu!!!




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