DAY 50: giving back


20 MAI 2009

Today is a busy day… busy running around supermarches, searching for the ingredients for my infamous arroz a la cubana and strawberry dessert with vanilla ice cream and balsamic vinegar reduction, naks! busy preparing and cooking a special dinner for our special guests…


Emmanuelle Lavaud is my fairy godmother ;p She’s the one responsible for making all of this come true. It is fate that our paths connected, it was my photo collage that brought us together 🙂 I am forever indebted to her. 

Emmanuelle came with her sister Bettina, they are just the greatest! They are so much fun to be with and they even enjoyed the dinner that I prepared, Yihaa!!!! They even asked for the recipe and permission to recreate the dish. Pourquoi pas diba 😀

2 thoughts on “DAY 50: giving back

    1. corrected by!!! food is comfort, food is bliss… i was on my last days at cite and i needed that peut etre.

      thanks for visiting 😀

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