DAY 46: Experiment

EXPERIMENT 2:10 (from

Paris, May 16th 2009

Most people have had the experience of turning round feeling that someone is looking at them from behind, and finding that this is the case. Most people have also had the converse experience.

This experiment was done with a group of friends in a appartment in Paris. The outcome was quite surprising and fascinating.

We all agree this is something quite normal. Could this be something we could improve and have use of in life?

The girls Nina Lassila and Cyrus Tang dropped by A’s appartement to conduct this experiment. I must say c’etait tres interessant! Nina was the one conducting and recording the process on video. When it was my turn to feel and guess if Cyrus was staring at me or not, I actually got a lot of correct responses. I could really feel it, I could visualize her looking or not … Hmmmmm… I must be a good receiver 😉


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