DAY 44: the universe is listening

14 MAI 2009 – PARALLEL UNIVERSE  at Centre Les Recollets (PARIS)


To my dear Friends & Family…

Thank you again for coming to my exposition, it was the best one-night-stand ever, hehehe! You all truly made it special. It was a bit stressful to prepare and set up but your presence made it all better.

I truly had a nice rocking time, I hope you did too! I hope this is only the beginning of things to come :p Dunno if you guys caught my teary-eyed speech but this truly was a night to remember, a dream come true and I’m just sooooo happy to share it with all of you. Ok sorry for the mush…

So i hope to see you all again in my next exhibit in Paris, hopefully it’ll be more than one night 🙂 I’m just super touched by everyone’s support. you guys rock!!!!

AruruMERCI to Emmanuelle Lavaud (Mairie de Paris), Sonia Bahri & Chrystel Dozias (Centre les Recollets), Pierre-Georges Van Wolleghem (Mairie de Paris), Nina Lassila (for all the help & support), Mila Rosario (for the wonderful food!!!), artist friends from Cite des Arts who came and gave their support, Anny Pelouze (for the wonderful flowers) Claude Delpoux, Olivier Delpoux (who just arrived from China), Camille (who just arrived from an office trip to Bali), Clio & Hindol for sharing your music, Olivier & Henri for jamming!!!, Jeff who brought his kewl guitar (jam next time oki), Bettina Lavaud, FRIENDS, artists & scientists from Recollets, friends of friends, everybody who took time and came… 
All my love to my “A”, sorry for all the stress. Thanks for loving me like you do!!!! And to my family, my mama and papa – I hope and pray that I can take you here for my next exhibit 🙂

**** nobody to document the event, it was just me shooting the first few hours, then it got really hectic. set up started at 3pm, opening at 6, pack up at 10:30pm, finished at 11, dinner at 12 midnight. ayayayay, hectic but happey! ;p


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