DAY 41: I want to ride a bicycle… I want to ride my bike…

… but I don’t know how 😦

It is one of the many things I need to do before I die and being here in Amsterdam has brought out this frustration. Everybody here are just biking away. They all look so nice and healthy, it’s like everybody here is required to learn how to ride a bike or else you have to change your citizenship ;p Maybe if I live here I will learn how, I mean I have no choice 😀

jk bikes & big bike

jk yikes bikes

jk was here

When I was younger I wanted to have my own harley, but since I cannot drive I wanted a harley that comes with a long-haired guy. Well, I guess in a way it came true. “A’s got a long hair (when we first met) and he’s got a moto and he drove me around Paris just like Amelie Poulain on the last scene of the film. Sigh…

jk everybody biking

jk camouflage

jk paparazzi

It’s my first time here in Amsterdam and I must say I am in LOVE!

I vow to return and maybe bike my way to Amsterdam, bwahahahaha 😀

jk bike away

jk bike ngenge

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