DAY 37: So much to discover, so little time

7 MAI 2009

– Attended a meeting at Recollets to discuss the F U T U R E  😀 I’m super psyched and excited!!!!

– Walked around the hood and discovered so many shops, Aargh!!!

– Hung out with meself again, weeeeeeee!!!! This time in my favorite tea place at rue de rosiers. It’s a bit expensive but I just love the food and the ambiance…

jk le loir interior



Had quiche, tea and lemon meringue pie  – the meringue was so high it can touch the sky 😀

jk tableau

jk tea and sugarcubes

jk lemon meringue pie

I want to have a cafe like this – artsy fartsy and cozy. I’m loving the mismatched chairs and tables with sugar cube bowls and the walls filled with posters. J’adore!!!

jk le loir interior2

There’s also a mix crowd here at le loir dans la theiere, I see old ladies having their afternoon tea and dessert, japanese tourists, locals, artsy fartsy people, bohos and then there is… Raymond Guitterez. He just passed in front of the cafe. Talagang pinoy na artista pa ang nakita ko dito eh. Di nga lang niya kasama si ‘chard ;p

jk soft sugar clouds

My days here are almost over 😦  Haayy, so much to discover, so little time.


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