DAY 35 continues…

5 Mai 2009

After my meeting with the gallery owner, I went to an event at the Swedish Cultural Center with Nina and her friend.


jk crowd at d SCC


jk at the swedish musee


jk swedish dolls


jk pencil & paint blot


jk post your comments

For you, what is bad taste? 

People wrote le mode (fashion), copier (copying), shirt jaune (yellow shirt) among other things.

I say, To each his own …




jk CDA billboard

I love checking out the notes posted by the resident artists


There are some notes looking for musicians to jam with, notes selling photo equipment or even their luggage and stuff that they cannot bring back to their country, party or open studio announcements where you can bring your art, food and drinks. This is also where I found out about the concert tonight at the auditorium.


jk harpist

Hearing her music was heavenly. For me, harp is synonymous to Angels, hehehe ;p


It was interesting to see her play that huge instrument. I remember an article on Tori Amos and her piano, she said something like she plays it like she’s making love to it. That’s how I felt watching her play the harp, it was intimate like it was just her and her music.


jk color change

 A swedish duo called Color Change

jk color change cds

I liked their music (guitar with effects and soft vocals) so I bought their cd (for only 3 euros, I think). 

jk bow


Passed by Gisele’s atelier after the show, caught her in the middle of packing. Gisele Edwards is an artist from London. Too bad I missed her show called “Strings and Ropes” at the Recollets where she did an aerial performance on a rope with a string quartet, hence the title ;p


jk gisele's atelier


Based on what she told me, she performs with a rope attached on the ceiling where she artfully twists, turns and tumbles. WOW!!!

jk rope for dancing

A difficult and intensive training I imagine. A very physical and mental form of expression. Talagang saludo ako!

image from gisele's website


It was Gisele’s last night at Cite des Arts, I dropped by to help her bring some of her stuff down to my atelier. She will be outside Paris for a few days before going back to London. I was not really able to hang out with her a lot, she was only at Cite for a month but I’m truly happy and honored to have met an artist like her 🙂

image from Rope and Strings, Flickr
image from Rope and Strings, Flickr

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