DAY 31: ready for takeoff

1 MAI 2009 

Today is a holiday and what better way to celebrate it than to hit the road again.

So off we go to Picardie for a Surprise Treat …


jk testing d wind

The crew testing the direction of the wind with a balloon


jk yellow balloonhope it’s safe to fly


jk windcheckLooks like, it’s a GO!!!


A and I are here in Picardie to finally claim the birthday gift from his friends –

a HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE  for two, yahooooooo!!! 😀


We found out that there were others who’s been here a couple of times but their flight was always postponed due to bad weather. We were lucky coz it’s the first time we went and it’s already a Go Go Go!


jk group huddle our pilot giving us safety instructions


jk spread it outEverybody needs to help out in setting up the hot air balloon


jk breathing inwe need to fatten it up with air



jk big fan

“A” became the right-hand man  🙂


jk fire it upall fired up and raring to go


jk up and aboutReady for takeoff!!!



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