DAY 30: to turn nothing into something

jk wall paris culture

jk wall cat
scaredy cat
jk graffiti rednose
who you gonna call?
jk wall peeling
torn and alone
jk paris graffiti
wall of fame
jk peelings
peelings, nothing more than peelings


The street is truly a bottomless source of art inspiration. I love  taking photos of graffitis and torn posters on the walls, it’s definitely a good art reference. I feel that both elements are the very essence of Collage Art. I actually tried to recreate this style in my collage but I still need to develop it some more.


This is also how artist Jacques Villeglé turned this ripped and lacerated posters into Art! Jaques is a French mixed-media artist who started collecting posters from the street way back in the 1940s. Biruin niyo ganoon na katagal, Asteg diba!!!


Jaques Villeglé







(last 4 images taken from the Net)


In an interview he said that intervention is at the minimum possible. The story emerges in the layers of the torn paper/poster. The game is to find what is in the street… Well, this is one definite proof that you can find ART everywhere.




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