DAY 29: gave up. try again…

29 AVRIL 2009


I’ve completed every requirement except for the project outline. Finalement, no entry for tomorrow’s deadline.


jk seine day tree


Met up with Madame V about a possible exposition at Cite des Arts. Found out that the only available dates are on June 24-july 4. My residency is only till the end of May, my visa also expires at that time. Even if it’s possible to extend, I have to be back in Manille by June for my brother’s wedding. Well, I actually tried asking my papa if it’s possible to move the wedding date, hahaha, asa pa! So, I guess I would need to look for another venue for my first ever Paris exhibit 😀 This time, I’m not gonna give up that easily…

jk orange and black

jk in a hurry

jk looming figure


At around 11  in the evening, A and I walked by the river Seine / Ile de la Cite to hang out and shoot some video and stills. Everything was nice and quiet. It was also cold but we had each other to keep us warm, hehehe ;p We ended up staying outside till 1 in the morning.


jk a shooting

jk fire tree

jk by d seine

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