DAY 28: under pressure

28 Avril 2009

I still have a lot of things to do before tomorrow’s deadline. I need to finish writing this proposal but my mind is elsewhere…  I’m not really a writer, I’m a visual storyteller. I write with images. Naks! ;p


jk day 28


I need to clear my  head so I followed my nose instead.


jk cafe soluna


Ended up at Cafe Soluna, a small cafe next to Cite that serves coffee from around the world.


jk soluna students
there were students who interviewed us about the cafe

jk soluna coffeejk soluna empanada


Nina and I ordered today’s special: coffee and empanada. I love coffee but I stopped drinking for health reasons. But I do give in from time to time especially if it’s a good coffee like this one. The empanada  was yummey too.


jk coffee fr around d world

jk soluna coffee & art


I asked the owner if they have coffee from the Philippines, he said there’s no stock for now. So, I promised to bring him some when I return.


cite des arts


Back in Cite, I tried to finish writing the outline but I ended up re-editing my PARALLeL UNIVERSE video instead. While rendering, I decided to go down and check out the Extended Vocal Technique performance at the auditorium. Made it just in time. I saw the artist in the middle of the stage, SILENCE, then slowly we hear her making a sound. She went to different parts of the room and did the same thing. She was creating different sounds with her vocal cords – sometimes soft, sometimes shrieking, then moaning, then alternating between whispering and shouting… Hmmm, tres interessant! Art na pala ang humiyaw at tumili ;p Well, wala na sigurong pakielamanan, kanya kanyang ART talaga yan. Ang masasabi ko lang, there’s never a dull moment here at Cite des Arts. Bow!

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