DAY 27: excited for all the possibilities

27 AVRIL 2009


The weather is not nice today. It’s gray, cold and drizzling…

jk poster girl
let's pose for a break


But of course that didn’t stop me from going out to eat ;p

Finally went to Le Loir dans la theiere, an artsty-fartsy tea place in our hood.


jk le loir facade

jk le loir table spread


I love it here. It was very cozy and homey. A really nice place to just chill and hang out.  Un peu cher (a little expensive) but hey the food est c’est bon. J’adore l’ambiance!

jk le loir w nina


jk le loir quichejk sugarcubes


While I was eating my quiche and sipping my fruity tea, I received a call from Emmanuelle of the Mairie de Paris. We had a nice and interesting phone conversation. We talked about the residency, expositions and other possibilities. Me, I was just smiling the whole time.  The weather might be dull and gray but inside me it’s all orange and yellows!  I am so happy. I feel soooooo blessed! My never-ending arurumerci to Emma!!! My dream would still be a dream if it wasn’t for a fairy godmother like her 😀

In the evening,

jk cyrus recording


Cyrus invited us to be a part of her art installation. She asked us for something unusual… she asked us to donate a minute of our heartbeat! She had this very interesting audio device that records even the faintest sounds. She needs to collect  a series of heartbeats that is equivalent to the total heartbeat in a day. 

jk nina listens


jk looking for d beat


Nina’s heartbeat turned out to be loud and proud and mine was faint and soft. It was a very interesting experience. It is only here where you get to meet the most interesting individuals and experience something so simple and far out like this. Cite des Arts, I love you with all my heART!

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