DAY 26: preparing for things to come

Writing… Editing… Preparing for things to come.


jk atelier w poster


Decided to add another inspiration in my atelier, Science of Sleep (La Science des Reves) movie poster courtesy of “A”. He is a Director who works at Partizan, the production society that also produced this film and where Michel Gondry is from.  I love his films! It always has this DIY/handmade feel that I like. I hope I get to meet him. I almost did actually. I visited A in his office one time and just when I left, Michel arrived. Darn!!! Michel Gondry, humanda ka, may araw ka rin! ;p hehehe


jk atelier poster


Today is a busy day so we headed out to Le Marais for a much-needed break 🙂 Found out about Schwartz on the Net, it is a jewish deli that is supposed to have the best Burgers and Pastrami Sandwich in Paris. Food is also one of my hundred and one passions. Je suis Gourmande! 


jk schwartz interior


jk my A and my burger

Will try their pastrami sandwich next time, for now it’s Burger time!!!


jk schwartz menu

We wanted to try the eggs benedict but we were too late for that, they only serve it at a certain time on weekends. The verdict: the staff were very nice and helpful. The ambiance was nice and the burger and frites were good.  Okay, now it’s back to work…


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