DAY 24: Atelier-hopping; The day I discovered BRILLIANCE

24 Avril 2009

Some of the fellow Artists I met during the Reception Amicale agreed to visit each others atelier and show each others works. We met up at Cite’s lobby then discovered brilliance one by one…

First up, Hui-Kiang SENG…

We were all oohing and aaahing as we go up the spiral wooden staircase with her atelier on the top floor. It was very homey, it actually looks more like an appartement, though she prefers to transfer to another space with more windows and bigger walls.

jk seng's atelier

jk smiling seng

seng's makahiya plantjk seng's view

Seng’s Makahiya plant and the view

Seng is a visual artist and a curator from Singapore. She’s got a 1 year residency at Cite des Arts. Kainggit! She showed us photos of an exhibit she curated inside a taxi cab, artworks made of honey, then this installation made of sugar.

jk seng's sugar installation

It was a performance… She was in the middle of the floor surrounded by an audience where she slowly pours the sugar creating a spiral. Then she blows on it and creates this mandala. WOW!!!!  From the top, it looks like big ocean waves creating silent echoes across the floor. I forgot how many kilos of sugar she used for this performance. But afterwards everything was just swept away, that’s what you call ephemeral art!


We went back to the main building where the rest of our ateliers were. Cyrus was on the 1st floor, her view was very close to the street so she said it can be dusty and noisy at times. In the evening, the street bums of Le Marais set up their tents right in front of Cite des Arts, but they soon disappear before daybreak.

jk cyrus' view

jk cyrus' workjk cyrus laptop

Cyrus (w/ 3-months artist residency) is a Video and Installation Artist from Hong Kong who migrated to Melbourne, Australia. She showed us photos and video samples of her works… She makes clay that looks like paper, she recreated her old room in Hong Kong and turned it to a sculptural installation. She also showed us this video installation of a melting miniature city where she captured the slow destruction of the impossible. HUWOW!!!

cyrus tang 1

cyrus tang 2(last 2 images taken from the Net)


Nina has to attend a concert somewhere in Paris so she just showed us her portfolio at Cyrus’ atelier.

jk nina showing portfolio

Nina (3-months artist residency) is a visual artist working mainly with Video, Performance and Photography. One of her video art was Tele-pets, a telepathic conversation with animals.

nina-lassilaShe loves dogs! She always communicate with them wherever she goes.


(last 2 images from the Net)

There’s also another one where she is seen beating the hell out of a carpet. I forgot to ask her what was going through her head at this time. She said her hands were bleeding after this video performance. Well we sure don’t want to be this carpet ;p


Manuel (6-months artist residency) is a graveur artist / printmaker born in Peru and is now based in Quebec, Canada.

jk inside manuels atelier

jk manuel's art stuffjk manuels wall

 His atelier was jampacked!

jk coco ice creamjk art chitchat

He offered us some coconut ice cream (coconut from the Philippines! Mabuhey!!!) and shared with us some of his discoveries and explorations. For his residency, he chose to focus more on research by attending different lectures and classes on Art.



(last 2 images taken from the Net)

Our last stop was my space. Too busy to take pictures though 😀

Hayyyyy… Today has really been inspiring. I realized how amazing it is to be surrounded by artists who are as passionate about Life and Art. I am truly honored to be surrounded by all these brilliance. I realized that I’m not just here for me, but I’m here to represent my country. I’m the only Filipino at Cite des Arts now and I will do my best to make my motherland proud!


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