DAY 23: Shouts out to the Universe: IwillhaveanEXHIBITinPARIS!!!

23 Avril 2009

I received a call from Nina asking if I can help her with a photo shoot. I went to her atelier and saw her camera, WOW! my father would love this 🙂 I don’t know how to use her Mamiya, good thing all I had to do was press the shutter for her. She said she still have to buy a shutter release cable for her camera, so for now I would have to do the job, hehehe.

jk nina mamiya1

jk nina mamiya2


Nina Lassila is a photographer, performance and video artist. She’s from Finland who is based in Sweden. For her photo shoot, she was trying to command the spoon to move with her mind. She is also doing a video art and an interactive experiment on telepathy. C’est cool noh!


jk getting homey atelier

Back in my atelier… Everything feels more homey now. I love the space that I’ve created here. I love exploring my neighborhood and discovering new things. I love the people I’ve connected with. Everything is just stimulating and inspiring. Haay… it sure would be hard to let go of all this but I am forever grateful.

Come to France: Check! Artist Residency: Check! International exhibit: Check! Paris exhibit: SOON!!! 



jk d making amidst d chaos

(work in progress)


Filipinos have this tendency to just laugh and smile about everything. Nothing can dampen our spirits and put us down. I don’t know if that’s always a good thing but in a way it lighten things up.



jk brazil expo


twigs & ribbons installation
twigs & ribbons installation

Checked out an exposition by Brazilian artists at the Cite des Arts gallery



I love looking at blogs and discovering different places to try in Paris. That’s how I found out about Kayser bread, the Berthillon ice cream, the Pierre Herme macarons and also the L’as du Falafel that Lenny Kravitz highly recommends ;p  This time, I wanted to look for this artsy tea place called Le loir dans la theiere. “A” and I walked around Rue de Rosiers but turned out the cafe was close. It was already a bit late so we settled for this restaurant at Rue Vielle du Temple, forgot the name of the resto though…

jk me & saumonjk duck

I had duck with orange sauce, potato pancake and vegetables on the side while A had his favorite salmon with cream sauce, with a side dish of pasta and ratatouille. C’est Delicieux!

jk A & duckjk saumon dinner


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