DAY 22: surprises

jk reception amicale1


Today we had a Reception Amicale (Acquaintance Party) at Cite des Arts. At first it was like Speed dating: what’s your name, where are you from, what kind of art do you do, NEXT! ;p  I met a painter from South Africa who told me I looked like I stepped out of a Gaugin’s painting. Then there was this Spanish artist who had an interesting introduction…


Spanish Artist: “You and I had a very interesting history together.”

ME Filipino: ” Ah yes, thank you for bringing Catholicism in our country” ;p


Ok, a little bit of Philppine history here… We were under the Spanish rule for 3 centuries, that’s 300 freakin’ years man!!! After that we were colonized by the Americans (40 years) and then the Japanese (4 years). Whew!!! I don’t really want to go digging into the past but whatever we are now, it’s because of all these… and it ain’t all good.


Ok moving on… this morning turned out to be pretty interesting.

Artist talk + free food is always good, hehehe. 

Went back to my atelier and played around with some images.


jk teardrop3jk teardrop1jk teardrop4Jk 2009       TEARDROP    (works in progress)



Heard a knock on my door, SURPRISE, SURPRISE! It was mon A and he brought some flowers for me.  Sweeeeeeet!!!

jk fleur surpris

jk surprise visit


A’s dad visited me as well. We went outside to the Jewish Quarter and treated them to some falafel.


jk pitzman


jk pitzman desserts

The cheesecake and brownies looks sinful.


jk falafel ingredientsveggies for the falafel


jk falafel takeout

falafel emporter


jk claude falafel

Claude with his food for the soul


The weather was really nice so we decided to have a little picnic in the jardin next to the Cite. This is what I love about Paris. Lots of choices to eat, a chateau right smack in le Marais with a garden where you can enjoy your food and company plus the view and the sunshine.


jk chateau jardin

jk falafel in d gardenS I G H

jk jardin

jk jardin des fleurs

Chew and savor every moment…

then swallow and absorb what life has to offer



2 thoughts on “DAY 22: surprises

    1. hehehe, totally serendipity! but yeah i remember now the animation that you are talking about. he did it also on his first animation short film in mowelfund. saw it when i was a student there. thanks for dropping by hao-wei!

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