DAY 21: Jampacked!!!

21 Avril 2009

Recited again in French class aujourd hui. Yipee! Besides practicing my conversational French, I am also learning a lot about Art, life in France and other cultures as well. Even if the main topic is always about what we did during the week/end, it’s only a jump off point to talk or debate about anything and everything. I’m really discovering a lot and getting to know my fellow artists as well. So, 7.50 euros for a 2-hour class is truly a good deal!

jk luli in my atelier

I invited Luli (the artist from the Metro) over in my atelier. We had a soulful and honest sharing of personal experiences and stories. It was truly a wonderful conversation and connection. I am just so happy to have met her…

jk muchachos bravos1

jk grape cheesejk muchachos bravos2


(shot with my mobile phone)

Angela of Philippine Embassy called me up and invited me to a meeting of Filipino Artists based in Paris. The meeting was held in one of the Artist’s appartement where I met the Muchachos Bravos!!! 

jk auditorium

(before the performance)

In the evening, I watched an Opera performance at the Cite des Arts Auditorium with “A” and Nina. There are almost always different kinds of performances (by resident artists) at the auditorium. Anybody can go in and watch for free. C’est cool noh?  So, there’s always something interesting to see 🙂 


jk moulesfrites resto


jk dinner w nina

jk moules frites

Pour le diner, the 3 of us ate an affordable and filling moules frites (tahong with fries). Yummey!!!


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