DAY 17: c’est la vie!

17 Avril 2009

Had a nice get-together at this lovely garden cafe with fellow resident artists (of Mairie de Paris) at Centre Les Recollets. We started off with the usual introductions but got distracted by this colorful feast: Chocolat Amande tart, creme brulee, fruit kebabs, tea, fresh orange & pamplemousse juice all captured by my mobile phone.


jk recollets garden cafejk table spread


Ok back to the introductions… there were photographers from Norway and Finland, a video artist from Israel, a photographer/filmmaker from the U.S, a freestyle artist from Romania, theater artists from Spain (I think) and then there was me from the beautiful islands of the Philippines. Mabuhay!  I’m a director and an edit supervisor for a television documentary. I don’t know if I’m a photographer (insert artist’s laughter) but I play around with photos and create photo collages. Whenever I feel like it, I also make installations, performances, video art and sound collage… and most important of all, I too want world peace. That’s all, thank you (bow) ;D


jk recollet artistsjk recollets&mairie


They were all big-time artists… et moi? Well, I was the youngest. Hmmm… hopefully soon-to-be big-time artist, J’espere ;p Chrystel & Sonia of Recollets and Emmanuelle with her assistant Pierre from the Mairie were there to welcome us Artists of Spring 🙂 Yihaa!!!


Apres, Nina and I went back to Cite des Arts. We were the only resident artists from Cite, the rest were staying at Recollets. Nina was also my seatmate at french class, halukatdat! She visited my atelier then A & I visited hers. We drank wine, talked and watched the lights from the bateau mouche reflect inside her room as it passed by. Hayyyy, C’est la Vie!


Nina's atelier
Nina's atelier
Nina's view
Nina's view

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