DAY 16: Finally Connecting…

It was still early so I had time to have a petit dejeuner (breakfast) before my French class and for the first time since I attended, my tummy didn’t rumble! But my seatmate’s did. I heard it, Ha!

Finalement, I was able to recite in class. My teacher finally asked me what I did the past days. I told them about the Bresson Exposition. Nobody has seen it yet so all eyes and ears were on me. Told them it’s my dream to have an exposition there. Pourquois pas, diba. Now that I said it out loud, the Universe is bound to hear me. S’il vous plait

Met new artists today, finally got to really talk to them. Met a Journalist and a Photographer from Argentina and a Painter from Australia. The Journalist said maybe it’s not impossible to have an exhibit at the Maison Europeene de la Photographie and that maybe I should try to show my works there. Hmmmm, I should do that!!!  It was good to finally connect… Petit a petit, l’oiseau fait son nid.


Went to Beaubourg this afternoon to meet up with A’s dad. Decided to check out ATELIER BRANCUSI first. It’s funny, I’ve noticed this place before but I’ve never went inside, I always go straight to Centre Georges Pompidou (another one of my favorite galleries)

jk atelier brancusi

Found out that Constantin Brancusi is a Romanian sculptor (one of the masters of Modern Sculpture) who moved to Paris from 1904 and stayed on until his death in 1957. He left his sculptures, his atelier and its contents to the State of France on the condition that they leave everything as it is. It was then rebuilt by the Centre Pompidou. Hayyy… I wonder when will I have my OWN permanent atelier, with the skylight and everything. Haaayy… Wish ko laaaaang.

jk atelier brancusijk atelier brancusi 3


Afterwards, went inside Pompidou with A’s dad to buy his belated birthday present pour moi !!! Wanted a Krumpler camera/laptop bag but the store in Rue de Rivoli was under renovation so I chose a DIANA F+ set instead 😀 Too bad the pink ones were gone but of course this one is good enough.


jk pompidou interior2jk pompidou interior


Yahoo!!! A new toy to play with. AruruMERCI!!!


jk my new dianajk diana & me



jk 2009 MEDIA...TOR
jk 2009 MEDIA...TOR

(work in progress)



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