DAY 14: Henri Cartier-Bresson Rules!!!

14 AVRIL 2009


Went to my favorite next-door gallery Maison Europeene de la Photographie and attended a vernissage showing works of the Master HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON!!!

jk maison facade


His photos are just A M A Z I N G… Very inspiring 🙂


Here’s a man who paved the way for street photography and photojournalism. The father of all fathers! If Mama Ricky is the mother of all mothers then Bresson is his father, Hahaha labo! Talagang ihilera si Ricky Reyes kay Bresson eh noh, sensha na poe. Jologs lang.


What I really love is the depth, the perspective and the composition of his images. How he place his subjects and play around with the space. Ang daming layers, ang lalim…hanggang kadulu-duluhan may laman. Master Bresson, kung nasaan ka man ngayon, Saludo ako sayow!!! 


(all Henri Cartier-Bresson’s images were taken from the Net except Photo 1)



Was kinda early for French class this morning so I finally had the chance to meet some of my classmates and fellow resident artists. Turned out almost everyone enrolled in the class were there to meet people. Apparently, their hallways are always empty like mine! 

I met a sculptor from Brazil who now lives in France, a painter from Sweden then a photographer from Finland & Sweden. It’s from her that I found out that we’re all there for the same reason. She said maybe we should put up a sign and invite everyone for a picnic or something. Pourquoi pas!


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