DAY 9: Calder made me smile.

9 Avril 2009

Went to Pompidou to finally see Alexander Calder’s exposition. Thanks to my Cite des Arts pass, I got my ticket at half the price. 

jk pompidou

Calder made me smile. This man really knows how to play! I saw other people smiling as well and inside me I wished that I could affect people the same way. I hope I can make them smile and make their time worthwhile. 


                                    (Calder images taken from the Net)

I also saw works of  Kandinsky, Man Ray, Picasso & Miro. There was this cute little girl taking a photo of an art installation by Karel Appel. I like it when I see children in museums and galleries, they weren’t at all rowdy or noisy, in fact they looked very eager, open and interested. 

jk pompidou musicians

I just discovered that Artists Asger Jorn, Sandy Lalder, Simon Hantai, Kandinsky, Alexander Calder and Juan Luna have something in common. They all went to Paris at some point in their lives to explore their Art and their Life. Like them, I am now here in Paris, continually inspired and forever absorbing everything and anything that I can. Paris Je’taime!!!



jk is the grass greener
Is the grass greener on the other side? JK 2009

(work in progress)

Thoughts of staying put and moving on…


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