DAY 3: Sh*t! I could get used to this

I’m starting to have a ritual now…

put my coat in the rack, remove the stuff from my bag, wear my slippers, open the windows, play some music, 

sit down and write…





JK goalsJK my view

JK violet toes







I received a message from the Mairie about a small get-together for the Resident Artists of Spring. Can’t wait to meet fellow artists and connect. The hallways here at Cite are always dark and empty, I don’t really get to meet anybody. Maybe they are all cooped up inside their atelier busy creating. 

JK empty hallway

3:55 pm

Listening to La Vie en Rose right now… here in Paris… in my own atelier! Who would’ve thought?!!!

Life is just crazy beautiful!!!

4:25 pm 

I’m on a roll! Made some collages today. I still can’t believe I’m making my own art in my own space. I used to make my art in my friend’s kitchen, my father’s studio, my sister’s apartment and my bedroom. Now, I have this. I want this.  Sh*t, I can get used to this.


JK open up
OPEN UP (work in progress)

Tearing up memories to create new ones. I need to open myself up (all my senses)

to explore and discover more…

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