DAY 1: Sign of good things to come…

 1 AVRIL 2009

JK pont marie

I’m late! I don’t know exactly where Cite des Arts is. It’s somewhere in le Marais. Brought my portfolio bag with 8-kilo of photos to the metro. A lady sat next to me and asked about my big bag. Turned out she’s also an artist. Showed each others works and exchanged contacts. Wow, COSMIC Connection!!! A sign of good things to come…

Cite des Arts

I discovered that Cite des Arts is very near my favorite photography gallery: Maison Europeene de la Photographie. Someday, someway, somehow, I will have my exposition there. UNIVERSE, you hear me?! 😀

 Ooh la lah! Finally saw my room, it’s bigger than what I imagined. Can’t believe I got my own nest, my creative space, my private atelier in Paris.  SIGH…

room 8212


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